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Scope of the Biodiversity Action Plan

This Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) has been prepared to support the corporate commitments of Mira Power Ltd. for conserving biodiversity in the Poonch River basin in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

Scope  of the Biodiversity Action Plan

Scope of the Biodiversity Action Plan A Biodiversity Action Plan is a “plan to conserve or enhance biodiversity”, more specifically a set of future actions that will lead to the conservation or enhancement of biodiversity. BAP is a general term that is used worldwide and across a large number of sectors. The principal steps in developing and implementing a BAP are9 : a Deciding if a BAP should be done – understanding legal, biodiversity and business case drivers. a Completing prerequisites – planning for integration with site or project management systems and management of resources. a Preparing the BAP– establishing the priorities for conservation. a Implementing the BAP– rolling out the necessary actions. a Monitoring, evaluation and improvement – tracking implementation progress and effectiveness. a Reporting, communication and verification of performance – upgrading engagement processes and building support with stakeholders and partners.

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