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Paradise on Earth

Kashmir, called “Paradise on Earth” by Mughal emperor Akbar, is famous for scenic lakes, snow clad mountains, alpine meadows and pastures. But the state is also considered as a treasure trove of herbs which have high medicinal and edible value. These herbs are of great significance to the manufacturing of ayurvedic and unani medicines. Researchers have not fully explored the herbal wealth of Kashmir and a lot needs to be done in this field.

In an attempt to create awareness about them, the Department of Environment, Ecology and Remote Sensing of Jammu and Kashmir government, in association with Centre for Conservation of Culture & Heritage (CCCH) and Institute of Hotel Management Srinagar, organized the first ever “Forest Food Festival” on October 4, 2015, in Srinagar. The uses of more than 100 herbs were demonstrated to people. Some 35 dishes were also prepared using the herbs.

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